Primary and Secondary BIND DNS Server for $13/year

I probably can get both my primary and secondary DNS server up for less than half if I went with 256MB VPS with two different providers, but instead I got 2x 512MB VPS both obtained from LowEndTalk. Can’t vouch for their stability as I am just using this to learn but with a redundandy of secondary DNS server on a different provider, it should provide a good uptime also Virmach is stating 99.99% uptime or money back (probably very little since I paid so little for it). Here are the server that I have purchased over Christmas:-

  • First server I got from ImpactVPS with 512MB, 1 CPU core, 10GB HDD and 500GB of bandwidth + 1 IPv4 + 10 IPv6. For $6/year. Click here
  • Second server is from Virmach. Again it is 512MB, 2 CPU core, 15GB HDD and 1TB of bandwidth + 1 IPv4 (hopefully IPv6 by Jan 2017). For $7/year Click here

These are quite good offer considering you are getting your own IPv4 for a year + hosting service. I got both servers at different location as well. This is a limited time offer by the provider. Also notice there is windows server for $15/year 1GB KVM with Windows License which is another crazy deal if you are trying to learn Window Server 2012 R2.

I have already setup a domain of mine using BIND. Both servers acts as primary and secondary authoritative server for my assigned domain. Will share the setup in my next post.

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