Ello Invites

ello invites
ello invites

Still not quite sure what is with the hype on the new Social Media Ello that seems to gain so much publicity this few days. The main things you need to know is that Ello will be an ad-free social media platform. Here is their interesting manifesto that seems to give it so much hype as the anti-facebook. They will be earning money from features and addons that is optional to their users in the long run.

Are you curious as well? Or simply want to reserve your username first? I got some invites. Go to http://ello.co/join. Use the following code (these are one time use code):

  • wheres-white-cards-7c6b74
  • yes-somebody-lefthand-0847cb

As for me, the Courier font on website is kind of weird, although I work with these font daily in my daily work on systems. It still has long way to go in terms of functionality and stability. Will post more when I gets more invite code.


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