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Technical Skills


7+ years experience in Telecommunication billing, data charging, and policy enforcement with service provider and vendor. Specializes in PCEF, PCRF and PCC.

Network Administrator

Cisco Certified Network Engineer with CCNA Certification, CCNP (pending TSHOOT exam). Experience in Telecommunication network and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

System Administrator

Worked with Sun Solaris, Fedora Core, CentOS and proprietary Linux OS managing cluster, storage, zones and virtual server. Powering this website with LAMP on a VPS hosting. 10 years experience in running websites and hosting.


Strong skill in shell scripting and PyThon. Strong background other programming languages. Including troubleshooting knowledge in Java, C++ and more

Database Administrator

Oracle, MySQL and MySQL cluster is what I use daily at work and on my website. Experience in writing simple script in PL/SQL for automation, reports and batch updates.


Superb troubleshooting skills with logical thinking and accumulated skills.

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